Class Bonuses

In this campaign, every class has a unique passive benefit that addresses some of the more unique elements of exploring Alcerus. If a character is multiclassed, they gain the benefits of the first class they gained levels in (whichever class they have full level 1 proficiencies for).


Nomadic Mind:

Your experiences traveling as a group through untamed lands has imprinted on you a memory of the signs of travel and survival. You have advantage on Wisdom (Survival) Checks to determine past locations of campsites and caravans, as well as information about the duration of their stay and the direction they traveled in.


Reliable Information:

Your bardic studies aren't limited to just music and magic, but telling stories and recalling information. At the end of a session, when the party is writing a post-session log in the Adventure Log, you may roll a Charisma check. Depending on your roll, the DM may provide additional information or clue you in on the significance of certain events or characters.


Protective Prayer:

As you travel, you may burn incense, chant, and pray to your deity, who ushers protective spirits to distract and dissuade predators and would-be attackers. Rolls to determine whether a random encounter occurs while traveling have a -1 penalty.


Natural Sense:

Your primal connection to nature allows you to see the effects of magic or sentient design clearly. You are passively aware of terrain that has been shaped by magic or tools and have advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) checks to determine whether specific objects are naturally occurring.


Marching Order:

Your martial experience has taught you to move efficiently through any terrain  in an orderly fashion. You and your party may move an additional six miles every adventuring day at no cost. This benefit does not stack.


Monastic Discipline:

Your monastic training involved long periods of self-deprivation and ritualistic rejection of sustenance necessary for other beings. You instead find peace in meditation. When taking a Short Rest you do not need to consume food or water. Consuming food and water in this time will give you the benefit normally associated with having two meals in a day.


Fear of the Gods:

You brandish the symbols of your chosen deity upon your person and upon your soul as well, causing the weak-willed and faithful to waver and submit to divinity. You have advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks to interrogate a creature or force weak-willed creatures to stand down. This has no effect on irreverent intelligent creatures, such as Aberrations.


Practiced Scout:

Your familiarity with exploration and terrain types allows you to perceive features of the land from a further distance. Whereas a normal party only reveals the tile on which they adventure (a 6 mile diameter hex), a party with a ranger will reveal surrounding tiles, too. This feature does not reveal hidden details of the terrain, such as ruins, lairs, or settlements that may be discovered through normal exploration.


Treading Lightly:

Your past experiences have taught you to always look for a place to hide wherever danger and uncertainty lurk. If a party with a Rogue rolls a random encounter, the Rogue may roll to determine whether or not the party is initially spotted. This check is based on Wisdom.


Arcane Blood:

The blood that pulses through your veins is tied to the magical weave of the world around you. As a result, you have an innate awareness of certain magical effects. You have advantage on checks for evading the effects of magical traps, as long as their magical aura is not concealed.


Patron Secrets:

Your connection to your Otherworldly Patron lends you glimpses into the nature of planar beings. You can immediately detect whether a creature is a Fey, Fiend, or Aberration (based on your choice of Patron), and you can immediately discern whether an item or magical effect originated on your Patron's plane of existence.


Well Read:

Among the tomes you've read through in your studies were ancient bestiaries, alchemical arcanum, and lore of other worlds. When you attempt to identify a creature or plant, you may make an Intelligence (Arcana, Religion, or Nature) check (dependent on the creature/plant) with advantage. This may reveal information such as the name of the creature/plant, notable alchemical or magical uses for its body parts, and possibly some minor magical qualities or abilities of the target.

Class Bonuses

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