The Guild

The beast of horn and hoof of yore,

The Goat, he was no more —

So sang the drunken 'venturer,

Those wolves, they won't come back!

— A tavern song, sung by would-be bards

The Adventurer's Guild, referred to as "The Guild" by its members is a loosely connected organization spanning most of the known world. Its members act as mercenaries, explorers, and treasure hunters, and their reputation varies wildly. In part, this is due to the fact that The Guild attracts adventurers from all walks of life, from aspirant young nobles who seek to make a name for themselves and scholars and apprentices seeking rare reagents to prisoners who wish to buy their own freedom and holy warriors who use their travels as a means of spreading their means of enlightenment. Simply put, there is no single guiding philosophy for all Guild members, as each serves their own purpose. Often that is enough, though, as the Guild makes its profit by getting jobs done.

The Guild

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