Queen Olidia

The Shrouded Queen, The Magister Enigmatic, The Ascendant; She has many names, but we are Her servants — Servants of Olidia.

— Sigran Vrimena, Emissary of Olidia in Alcerus

Little is known of Queen Olidia's personality or appearance, as she has always moved in tight-nit circles and scarcely makes public appearances, wearing a mask when doing so. She is known for her use of subterfuge, both magical and nonmagical, to begin and end wars and revolutions; she coerces the best of the soldiers and commanders of her opponents and appeals to their people. Though she began her revolution in the predominately human kingdom of Vorfahr, it is unknown whether she herself is human.

Cults have begun to pop up in her name, though they are not officially recognized and are often hunted by Olidian loyalists.

Queen Olidia

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