Permitted Resources

Below is a list of all resources allowed for character creation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Be sure to use only D&D 5th Edition content!

Usable Resources:

  • All non-variant material in the Player's Handbook. Multiclassing is the only expressly permitted variant rule. Note: There is a strong recommendation against Drow as player characters due to their Sunlight Sensitivity trait, but they are not strictly off-limits. 
  • The following races from Volo's Guide to Monsters are available to use: Goliath, Lizardfolk, Triton
  • The following race from Princes of the Apocalypse is available for players to use, as well as all spells in the book: Genasi (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)
  • The following races from the Dungeon Master's Guide are available for players to use: Aasimar, Elf (Eladrin)


At present, I do not have access to other sourcebooks and I'm spending most of what money I do have for free use on items and services to improve the quality of our games (Easel paper, pens/ink, Obsidian Portal subscription, , as that is my priority. If I come across another official sourcebook (as a gift or by receiving a donation) I'll consider adding additional material to the above list.

Unearthed Arcana materials, though sourced from Wizards of the Coast, are not playtested and will not be allowable in this campaign. 

Homebrew (unofficial) racial choices and classes are universally prohibited. Do not trust danddwiki as a source for materials, even if the materials on that website share the same namesake as something I have expressly permitted; the primary purpose of that website is to serve as a platform for sharing homebrewed content, including reworks of existing content.

Permitted Resources

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