Shaleton is a haven:

Combat, thievery, or other actions that could prove disruptive to other players in the game are forbidden within Shaleton. Likewise, no quests (aside from possible investigation or exploration) may take place within Shaleton's borders, and no combat can take place there.

The further from Shaleton you travel, the more resistance you will encounter and the stronger enemies will become. Thus low level adventurers should likely stay within a day's travel of the town and higher level characters  can relatively comfortably continue exploring further distasnces.


Events in Alcerus will pass in real time, meaning each week that goes by in real life will progress events in Shaleton and surrounding locations. I will track such events using the Olidian Calendar on the  From the moment you schedule a meeting, it is assumed that you and your party members are preparing themselves and traveling to the destination of your choosing, and using the final days to return. Sessions are expected to last 4 hours with a pause in the middle, so plan ahead! Unless otherwise stated, a party must return to Shaleton when a session ends, regardless of whether they have completed their objective.

Because time is tracked, one character may not participate in multiple adventures in a single week; the most often a single player could go out to adventure is once per week.


The benefit of a West Marches campaign style is that you, the players, determine amongst yourselves when and with whom you will meet.  Available days will be displayed on the Calendar section of the Shaleton West Marches Obsidian Portal site. You are welcome to use the Forum's LFG section to find other interested players or contact eachother externally. Once you have determined a day and time, you must contact the DM at least three days in advance to confirm the time.

Session Requirements:

There are no requirements pertaining to class composition or level differences. The only restriction on parties is that they must consist of 4 player characters. That means a session should consist of 4 players and the DM. It's encouraged that you mix and match and have sessions with as many other players as possible, so as to foster a sense of community, but for the moment there are no restrictions set on this.

Character Creation:

All players must start their first character at first level. After that point, if a character dies, a player may make a new character of the same level as their previous one, up to level 3. For a complete list of allowed materials for character creation, see Permitted Resources. If you require any assistance creating characters, contact the DM (it's more fun making characters with other players, anyways).  It will be possible to meet with the DM or in groups to discuss characters and expectations.


Death isn't unexpected, so don't be too surprised when it does happen. It's your prerogative as players to know the limits of yourself and your adventuring party, and at some point you will hit those limits. Sometimes the dice will bring those limits careening down on top of you. Alcerus is designed to be dangerous and difficult to traverse, but it is not intended to be unreasonable — death won't come without warrant. Remember also that the DM is not out to get the players, and if you feel that a death was unfair or not handled well, speak to the DM about it.

That said, when deaths do occur, it's important to respect them. That will usually mean rolling up a new character and accepting that anything owned by the previous character may be lost.


As you adventure and discover powerful artifacts and items, you may end up with some you have no use for. These may be sold in town to a select few vendors, if they will take them, or they may be traded among yourselves. It is strongly advised that you use the Forum section for the campaign on Obsidian Portal for trading, but it is not required. If you want to trade during a session or between sessions, you are welcome to.

Between Sessions (Post-Session Information):

At the conclusion of a normal session, an adventuring party returns to Shaleton and may reconvene with the other guild members. When a session ends, a party must review whatever information they think is pertinent to The Guild that will be shared with other players in the Adventure Log. One player from the group should act as a volunteer to write at least a couple sentences about possible adventure leads and events they witnessed. It's recommended that the party discuss what is to be said as a group. Moving forward, other groups (consisting of the same players, different players, or a mix) can follow up these leads for more player-guided adventure. These self-determined quests are likely to be more lucrative and engaging than anything found on the Bounty Board. The sooner these Adventure Logs are posted after a session ends, the sooner groups may begin planning their future adventures.


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