Olidian Calendar

What better way to rule an empire than to tell your subjects that time itself began with its emperor?

— Unknown


The Olidian Calendar was established shortly after the Shrouded Queen succeeded her revolution in Vorfahr — the first step in her imperial march. 0 o.e. marks the first year of Olidia's military campaign. The current year is 256 o.e.

The Calendar's Structure:

The Olidian Calendar is primarily a lunar calendar whose months are shaped around the slow cycles of Celestine. There are 326 days in a year and 21 months.



Month Days Lunar Phase
(1) Phoenike 8 New Moon
(2) Solance 24 Waxing
(3) Junia's Star 8 Full Moon
(4) Barringnaught 24 Waning
(5) Nuthale 8 New Moon
(6) Unterr 24 Waxing
(7) Anaxin 8 Full Moon
(8) Haevyr 24 Waning
(9) Volnath 8 New Moon
(10) Everdawn 24 Waxing
(11) Mepharis 8 Full Moon
(12) Dunaal 24 Waning
(13) Althale 8 New Moon
(14) Anderswo 24 Waxing
(15) Lustarre's Vigil 8 Full Moon
(16) Pallas 24 Waning
(17) Banari 8 New Moon
(18) Crucebus 24 Waxing
(19) Lethune 8 Full Moon
(20) Erenotia 24 Waning
(21) Feylight's Crest 6 New Moon (Magic)

Notable Events:

The last day of the year, the sixth of Feylight's Crest, is Midwinter — the Winter Solstice. Throughout the month, the moon is said to dip into the world of the Feywild, disappearing completely from the night sky.

Midsummer takes place in the month of Everdawn. The Summer Solstace usually takes place in the last week of the month. 

During Mepharis the Elemental Planes stretch closer towards to Material world, loosing elementals of different varieties upon the Twelve Kingdoms. It's considered a time of ritual celebration for many druids and a time of study and careful practice for wizards who wish to use elemental spirits to create golems or other devices that depend on elemental spirits for power.

Beware promises of courtship in Crucibus — especially from those you do not know, old myths warn. It is said that cruel and deceptive spirits take humanoid form in this month and seek to take advantage of young and naive lovers, luring them to private locations to take them to other planes, like Bovaria of the Nine Hells, where their souls may be drained.


Olidian Calendar

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