Font of Power

Did you see those wolves? Something was wrong. Something changed them. We shouldn't try to stick around.

— Rivendell, Wood Elf  Ranged, First Company; died after finding an unknown Font

The Fonts of Power are structures once worshipped by the kingdoms of Alcerus. They correspond to various natural forms of power (i.e. the elements, light, life) and conceptual and temperaments (i.e. war, peace, chaos). These energies radiate from their respective Fonts, altering the terrain and wildlife in the surrounding areas. Each Font also has a specific guardian — a Font Elemental — or a series of Font Elemental guardians that may be hostile to intruders.

Though it is not yet known how to seal or open Fonts, they have been found in active and inactive states. Perhaps understanding this could be the key to colonizing Alcerus moving forward.

Known Fonts:


Font of Power

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