Did I ever tell you about the time I wrestled a Hill Giant?

— Erho

Erho Boulderbane is the only minotaur in Shaleton. In general, minotaurs aren't well received in The Twelve Kingdoms due to their demonic affiliations. Erho, however, hails from Hunrapak, a small island off the coasts of Thornes known for its free-willed, generally kind-hearted truebreeding minotaurs. Though Erho isn't particularly known for his religiosity, he bears a pendant of Tyr around his neck at all times to show his dedication to justice.

When Corybas of Thornes arrived on Alcerus, Erho was by his side. Officially, Erho's only role in the town is as the barkeep of the Bleeding Heart Tavern — the single most popular place for guild members to meet and socialize. Unofficially, Erho is a close constituent of Corybas and has torn apart more than a few of the local kobolds and animal menaces on outings with the First and Second companies.

Though he might look different from your average adventurer, Erho doesn't really see himself as being much different from any other; he just wants his piece in some good stories and a chance to chat, drink, and gamble around a busy table at the end of a day.


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