Character Creation

Before beginning character creation, please read and consider Permitted Resources. Bear in mind also that some changes in Rules may affect your preferences.

Generating Stats:

We will be using the Point Buy system of determining stats, as described in the Player's Handbook on page 13.

Leveling up:

Hit Dice:

When you level up, you have the ability to decide between taking the average roll for HP gain ((Hit Die / 2) +1 + CON Modifier) or rolling for HP gain (1dX + Con Modifier). If you choose to roll for HP gain, it must be done in front of the DM.

Feats vs. Stats (lvl 4, 8, etc.):

You are welcome to take feats instead of stats as your class progression permits (4, 8, 12, etc. for most classes, 4, 6, 8, etc. for Fighters). If you choose a feat over a stat upgrade, inform the DM.

Character Sheets:

You're welcome to keep your own character sheets, but ensure that the DM has a copy of your statistics.

Character Creation

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