Bleeding Heart Tavern

If you're looking for a stiff drink and a fun time, go see Erho at the Bleeding Heart Tavern. If you're looking for a really stiff drink that'll change the world around you, come see me.

— Alyosha, the Alchemist

The Bleeding Heart Tavern — usually just Bleeding Heart to regular customers — is the premier establishment for recreational drinking, drunkeness, and gambling for adventurers in Shaleton. It's not the only tavern in Shaleton, but it is the most popular and, coincidentally, the hardest to get kicked out of. 

The owner of the Bleeding Heart, Erho is well known among townsfolk, and is probably as big of an attraction as any of the bar's other accommodations; he gives a warm welcome, is always eager to share stories, and has the best brews in town.

The Bleeding Heart is the fourth largest building in Shaleton, as well, behind the Church of Pelor, the Guild Hall, and the Guild Barracks. It's home to a fully stocked bar, seven full tables, and a fighting pit dedicated to Tyr in the center. In the basement lie a private gambling table and Erho's personal living quarters.

Bleeding Heart Tavern

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