It may not taste too pleasant, but this potion's gonna take you on a wild ride!

— Alyosha

Alyosha is the local alchemist in Shaleton. He's an eccentric high elf from Qilfir who sees his business with The Guild and the Olidian Empire as opportunistic and temporary. That said, he's more than happy to go where there are new reagents to be found and where there's money to be made selling his potions, and right now Alcerus offers both. 

Alyosha's erratic thoughts and odd behavior always made him something of an outcast in high elven society, but he takes tremendous pleasure in channeling his energy into inventing new brews and testing their effects. He's fairly friendly, despite his often busy disposition, and is happy to share with any who aid him. Add to that the fact that he provides an incredibly valuable service to Guild members there, and few could really complain about having Alyosha set up shop in Shaleton.


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