Shaleton West Marches

Shaleton Bounty Board
20th of Pallas

Greetings Adventurers. If you feel you're ready to head out on your own initiative, you're free to explore on your own and seek out Information Bounties, or if you're looking for more structured work, here are some options for you.

  • Hunters to the west of Shaleton have been coming across animals embedded with wooden and bone arrows. It seems we may have new neighbors. Find out where they're holding up and whether they're something to be worried about, or whether they might make good trading partners. (180g)
  • There's a mining camp about a day's travel southwest of Shaleton by the name of XXX. They've missed all their daily shipments for half a week and we need more iron to keep our farmers and smiths working. Head out there and figure out what's going on. Fix the issue if possible. (220g)
  • The lumberjacks at the XXX mill just southeast of here have been complaining about lights in the forest at night. They're refusing to expand further south because of it. Find out what's causing it and put an end to it if you can. (400g)
  • Alyosha, the local alchemist is seeking ingredients for some new potions. Word has it that there are Stirges that come out of the swamp to the north at night. If you round up a few dead ones he might be able to make use of part of them. He says whatever party brings him some will get some samples of whatever he's brewing up. (160g)

As you might well be aware, most of the members of the First and Second companies that haven't been confirmed as dead are still missing. If you're able to bring anyone back alive, assuming they've somehow been surviving the wilds, you'll be greatly rewarded. Otherwise, if you find a body the gear is yours and you'll be rewarded for bringing back the body or any sentimental objects or identification.

Welcome to Shaleton, Adventurers!
4th of Pallas

Incoming adventurers of Pelor's Light


I am Corybas, third son to the Duke of Thorne, and I’ll be your Guild contact here. Generally we keep things running on an open basis, but there are some ground rules we’ve got to get out of the way before you jump into things and get yourselves killed. You’re the third ship of adventurers to come out this way and I’ve already seen better men and women taken by this damned place. I’ve reviewed your details and I’ve got to say you’re a varied bunch —— criminals, exiles, scholars, hopeful heroes —— but there’s something here for all of you if you can keep your heads on your shoulders.

First, the Guild’s primary focus is to protect the working people of Shaleton. If we lose the town, the empire loses its sole entry point through the Stonewall Peaks, and you lose your safe place to eat and sleep.

There’s a zero-tolerance policy on criminal activity within Shaleton; the wilds here may be lawless, but the Guild isn’t. What you do on-mission is your prerogative so long as you complete your objective, but once you’re back here I expect you to stand in line.

Official requests and threats will be posted on a list outside the Guild Hall. If you choose to chase unsubstantiated rumors of the locals or your fellow adventurers, those will be located on the board in the Bleeding Heart Tavern, but don’t expect everything there to turn out to be true. Once you’ve decided on a quest, it’s up to you to organize an adventuring party amongst yourselves and alert me to your intentions to pursue it. If you’re lucky enough to make it back alive and you’ve brought proof of your job, I’ll dish out whatever payment I listed on the board. You get to keep any loot you find to do with as you please —— keep it for yourself, trade it with the other adventurers, or find someone here who has use for it.

If you're the free-hearted sort, you're also welcome to head off in pursuit of your own whims. Once you've gotten in the swing of things that'll probably be your go-to method of finding work. It's a more lucrative business, anyways.

Your lives are in your own hands, adventurers, and we all benefit from your success. Impress me. Become the heroes you came here to be.

— Corybas


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